A thought, or maybe three

When I get lonely; I write to express myself. It seems like I do it sometimes for self-gratification; but I do not think that I am so important as a writer as to accomplish my expressions with that art. I find that it soothes me. In more grandiose terms; it relaxes my soul. Music is more than the expression of soul, fortitude, and grace; it is the expression of the spirit that I race with every Sunday afternoon. Artistic endeavors of any kind are what I live to see. There have only been three great understandings in my life…I believe in the love that is expressed in learning; the love that is expressed in living; and the love that is expressed in giving is what is notion. These notions are not nonsense; quite the contrary; I know. You speak as if it were a done deal; but I understand. You do not have the grasp of circumstances that I know that I can get in hand. This is my last will and testament; I leave everything I know to the heirs of this world. This is my last wish; that I will not spend my last efforts on ignorance, sloth, and incompetence. I think that a little will go a long way; but when it comes down; I may have something to say…Just change your attitude. Think of things that make you happy, think of things that make you sad, and come to terms of understanding with those around you; this is my advice…

About tedbissell

An aging, young-hearted soul who appreciates BOTH SIDES of a GOOD life...Thanks for your consideration!

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