Vanishing personality in the workplace

More and more the lines between personal life and one’s commitment to a particular employer in the workplace are becoming blurred. The huge growth of social media on the internet dims the distinction between what is personal private opinion and goals; and the opinions and goals of the employer.  Companies scramble to protect their professional public image. They struggle with social media communications policy; while becoming more and more intrusive into the private lives of their employees. Employees grow more fearful of making ‘personal’ comments that may be used as a cause for reprimand, lay-off, or outright firing. With the more and more pervasive use of internet communications through mobile personal devices; this issue grows exponentially! Is there a policy that a company can use to protect itself; while recognizing the rights of freedom of expression for the individuals who work for it?

Of course this is a bigger societal issue; witness the case of Pfc. Manning and the U.S. Government with WikiLeaks.  But, more and more; the issue raises its ugly head in everyday commonplace events like this situation with the NY Ballet and its union :

What is the solution? No one knows for sure, as the issue itself is fraught with ignorance of the future. But the issue continues to grow without calm, reasoned discourse. We all say…we cannot see the legal outcome until precedents are set. But the real issue is…how do we begin to deal with the issue ethically across the global landscape of the internet? Solutions anyone?


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