Some Great ‘new’ Sources for Web Development

Windows Azure AppFabric – I am currently using AppFabric to develop a website  ‘machining’ service  to support the creation, development, and management of website proliferation with full implementation of Six Sigma goals. I have a small computing instance on the Azure Cloud that I am using to test and develop these services.

Please note that I cannot get too detailed at the level of actual mechanisms involved; because I feel an obligation to protect actual implementation-level coding via NDA with my youngest brother who is a Machining/Manufacturing Engineer with Geometric specializing in PLM. I am not adverse to showing you certain non-connected pieces; that, at least, give an indication of my style and approach to incorporating WCF/WF-based operations in my current work.

My everyday tool box at the moment includes the following:

Web Matrix – Certainly the most simple understandable conceptual presentation visually of the overview of design tools currently available from Microsoft; as well as Open-Source enhancements, for web design.

Visual  Studio 2010 Ultimate – (accessible through Web Matrix for detailed
implementation coding at the infrastructure level)

Microsoft MVC 3.0 – See particularly this tutorial involving implementation of an ecommerce site with functionality far beyond the simplicity of JUST a tutorial…

Window Communication Foundation and Work Flows  – O.K;  not the best
presentation of the goals of WCF and WF for practical use but some other
thoughts that come in handy…

Microsoft MVVM
development – The best discussion of Microsoft Platform philosophy and tools
developed using the features of the various models currently available for MVVM
approach vs. MVC  and WPF vs. Silverlight approach to solutions.

Atlassian JIRA Project Management – JIRA is by far superior to TFS in its approach to
integration with both Open-Source and non-Microsoft platform integration; only
because it accepts the description of its services in a more far-reaching
wide-ranging variety of content, but Microsoft’s engineers are catching up
fast! Because of the extensions that are being built; based on the simpler
model of ‘Project’. But these guys understand AGILE in a serious way! This type
of project management is a favorite of mine because of its dynamism and embrace
of plug-in tools like Hudson and Trac.

Some philosophical references that I find myself returning to every time I feel my
focus is waning:

Steven Covey – Although I do not know, or did not know Mr. Covey; his work has had
tremendous impact on me.

Deepak Chopra – I have done some webwork for Deepak, along with an excellent musician and web developer friend of mine; which I found most useful in web application learning and teaching
through this link.

Joseph Zinker – a  former professor of mine…Joseph writes from the point of view that all who are involved in a process must become important contributors…or the process itself will pay the consequences, or fail. Gestalt is the common sense perspective from a global viewpoint.

A few screen caps of my own work, links, and coding from my own knowledge and approach; as
well as those I find are most helpful in furthering communication:

Dennis Ritchie and Brian Kernigan – by far, the most influential teachers I have known in
my career

Novastar Interactive – I have contributed energy and effort to coding on this site
since 1994…Shortly after I was first exposed to Tim Berners-Lee and HTML/HTTP models when I was working out of London, England in 1991 for Aspen Communications and developed a database marketing system for Nutspaar and CMV Banks of the Netherlands.


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