Information Resource Management and Other Models

“I am a newbie”…How often have we seen this post? In forums, in knowledge bases, in FAQs, social networking, even in viral hacker’s circles, and all of the current contemporary models for communication that are internet-based; we have this notice. There are 2,160,000 hits on “I am a newbie”, 4,080,000 on “I newbie”, and only 281 appear as a count on the first page of Google search results for “newbie” in my current googling. However; if I go to page 2 of google results or just use search for “newbie”; I see that that there are are actually 159,000,000 hits! Why?
There are only 5 questions that must be answered to understand these differences:
The “Hows” become uneccessarily complicated by consideration depending on who you ask…Thoughts? Understand that I consider these questions most basic…and I am not looking to offend any other understandings. 159,000,000 is a large number! Equally large numbers of people who use the internet everyday as programmers, coders, managers of IT, IS, IRM, CRM, ERP, Financial, Support, Engineering, Manufacturing, and other systems; spend time trying to answer this question! It seems to me to that greatest advancements in understanding come from the examination of this process! Is it just “parsing”; or something else?


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