Assange Claims Automated Intelligence Gathering on Facebook

Assange Claims Automated Intelligence Gathering on Facebook. Although I think that automated intelligence gathering by systems is a concern; U.S. government recognition of its value has been in place since ENIAC. The first concern should be the ethical and moral use of the internet for the gathering of WISDOM! Not information! The large majority of computer security concerns revolve around this. What is personal information? What fingerprint capture software, credit card processing systems, and personal entertainment choices are personal and private…vs. those that should be made public? Who should make the determination of what should be protected data to determine identity theft? What is ‘secret’ vs. globally available? Should all of the documentation of the creation of a destructive nuclear weapon be made ‘public’? All of these questions are just preliminary to making these decisions. An opinion is that idea which is about others:
Julian’s ideas about this are limited by his experience. It is because that we have become less attentive through what others have termed
information overload

Awesome interview with Marcinko on SEAL TEAM SIX principles and the basis for his understanding for not only past circumstances; but future as well!


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