Ratings according to intent

It seems that much time and energy on the internet recently has been spent on the evaluation of good intent in blogs, forums, social networks, and other forms of communication that have been understood to be useful in certain conditions; and a total annoyance and distraction in others. As more and more of us suffer from TMI (Too Much Information) delivered in Acronyms, IMSpeak, and various formats, protocols, languages, and other media delivery systems; the basic steps in the delivery of good content seem to have been forgotten.
News is no longer “NEWS”; but merely the fashioning of better conversations. While this is a worthwhile goal; it begs the question of how this is accomplished successfully. Global “NEWS” relies upon tried and true principles of human behavior; but it begs the question “Is this worthwhile for me to notice?”. All of us who are involved in the internet industry should of course take notice. We follow the 15 second rule; but this rule violates discovery of constructive alternatives by not encompassing the intent of message.


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An aging, young-hearted soul who appreciates BOTH SIDES of a GOOD life...Thanks for your consideration!

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