ANONYMOUS, LULZSEC, and other malicious script kiddies

In my humble opinion, the attacks of these groups on websites of their choosing have little value to the overall understanding, communications, and actions that must take place on the internet to SAVE THIS PLANET! The lack of respect for people in general, and the ignorance of their methods, shows nothing but malice of intent! Destruction for destruction’s sake; is certainly NOT what any of us need at this point in time. Let us not mince words; I understand that many people are frustrated in being able to express themselves in the world of the internet! The argument that actions are necessary to settle the score; ring true.
The infrastructure of the internet was based on a simple understanding of how to communicate. Request, Message, Response, is just another way of saying ask, listen, learn…and then comment; in a helpful way.This pattern has been forgotten. Much in the same way as good grammar, good sentence construction, clear and concise meanings, pronunciation and enunciation, and proper use of language for communications; has gone by the wayside. It is frustrating for me as a native english/american speaker, and code junkie on the internet, to try to read, understand, listen, and comprehend the mish-mash of ignorance and contempt that exists today on the internet in the form of messages from Indians for whom ESL is a common tongue; along with Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, and a slew of GIGO derived from poor coders in the form of a myriad of scripts, protocols, and formats; mixed up in a pot and stirred with an unwashed dirty spoon.
Don’t get me wrong; I do not feel discouraged from attempts to learn. I feel that the internet has brought about a greater opportunity for all to have that experience; but the idiocies of a few are historically often the downfall of many!


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An aging, young-hearted soul who appreciates BOTH SIDES of a GOOD life...Thanks for your consideration!

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  1. Ted,
    I am developing a software and need a developer who will also partner, and share equity. It is a powerpoint add-in toolbar. The functions are simple, and ther eis a specific market. I need someone who knows sports as well as C# and visual studios. Please let me know if you are interested.


    • Hi Jack,
      Thanks for your contact! Sure, I would be willing to partner, develop, and share equity in any able attempt to create a PowerPoint add-in toolbar. Are you going out after the NFL, NBA, ESPN and other channels? If you are just looking to improve the experience; I may be able to help! But I am not a big fan of FOX SPORTS, presentations of sport tied to politics and religion. In other words, I am not a big Sarah Palin fan (or Michelle Bachman…. Glenn Beck….or any sort of Tea Party rhetoric.)… I don’t want to put the kibosh on a deal to begin with; but I feel some loyalty to presenting my skillsets, qualifications and background before accepting any situations that require these; as this is my first priority. Please feel free to contact me through any of the means at your disposal for further conversation.

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