Thieves and Mexicans( Guatemalans, Salvadorans, Nicuaraguans, Centro Americanos)!! Synonyms!

Corruption is rampant in Central and South America! Worse than China, U.S., and India at the moment! WHY??? Ingnorance and poverty BREED ignorance and poverty! STEALING is WRONG!!! Why is it that PINCHE CULEROS are so STUPIDO??! LOL….MuST be their CHRISTIAN(Catholic)  VALUES!! THIEVES!! and assholes! OK, I will stop RANTING!! They come from not from FREEDOM…but some other sort of circumstance! FUCK is all THEY care about!!! PISS ON THEM and their religious attitudes!!!


About tedbissell

An aging, young-hearted soul who appreciates BOTH SIDES of a GOOD life...Thanks for your consideration!

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