A BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE for Dennis Kucinich!!…

For a man who has done much in his support for truth and freedom in the Kent State Murders for all of US. he realizes how important his contribution is to bring the truth to light in this contemporary climate of conspiracy theories and REAL threats! Just ask the OWS leaders about their worst fears! http://www.cleveland.com/science/index.ssf/2010/10/revelations_from_kent_state_au.html It IS unfortunate that his efforts have been down-played and eventually rejected by the DOJ. This denial of accountability based on only addressing the issue of ‘civil rights’ violations and warnings regarding the filing of new lawsuits, is a slap on the wrist to Mr. Kucinich. http://kucinich.house.gov/UploadedFiles/Kent_State_Response_from_DOJ.pdf and us who strongly support his efforts!! I also strongly support the efforts of my friend Laurel Krause and her family to hold those responsible for the murders of American citizens on American soil engaged in peaceful protest accountable! http://mendocoastcurrent.wordpress.com/2012/05/07/may-4th-kent-state-massacre-a-call-for-truth-justice/ I was there, I saw and was close enough to hear Orders given to those Troops to fire and the firing of the volley…and…shots fired before those orders were given, although I could not see that shooter…The audio tape is distinct enough for Stuart Allen to have sorted it out. Why are the eight analysts that DOJ paid to dispute him so inconclusive? And why was Terry Strubbe’s tape destroyed by the F.B.I.? Mr. Strubbe’s own copy of that tape (transferred to digital media) was the one used for analysis by Allen. And why is there no mention that four people were murdered? Just wondering…


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  1. Unless the OBAMA administration WANTS to leave a bad taste in AMERICAN POLITICS?! Leave a little something behind that MAKES sense!! Don’t reply to me; or any of my friends, that you are ‘investigating’ the ‘CIVIL RIGHTS’ of people who ARE citizens of the U.S. for ‘violations’…TELL ME that the U.S. Administration of Richard Nixon had NOTHING to do with MURDER!! Then you will be a longer way to telling the TRUTH!!!\

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