Programming for OUR future! To @Edward Snowden #EdwardSnowden

Programming, Coding, Digital ‘discussions’ and ‘conversations’ and the like; have now become part of everyday life. Morality, religion, politics, sex, and humanity are trampled (if you don’t know this word…trampled…Google it). Privacy of thought, intention (good or bad) have been reduced to agreement; yes/no, like/unlike; disagreement has become a ‘consensus understanding’.  If you use Facebook, are you just one who is ‘passing a phase(phrase)’ and wishing well; or the devil in disguise? Am I  a ‘silly low-level systems administrator’, or can YOU do something to change the course of our history from the ‘Terminator’ to something more positive? Just a question?!…ALL answers are appreciated! Forget ‘drone delivery’, ‘stupidity’ of the Chinese in trying to ‘socialize’ an economy that has only history to recommend it, and John Kerry’s ‘Bergdahl’ B.S…Give us something human, real, un-geeky and I will lend all of the talents I have to make sure the ‘Global-Warming’ issue is understood as reality; not in virtual machine language! 🙂 Love and Blessings…


About tedbissell

An aging, young-hearted soul who appreciates BOTH SIDES of a GOOD life...Thanks for your consideration!

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  1. Oh yeah…and btw…give a listen to an old friend of mine…Chrissie Hynde…Her new release STOCKHOLM is excellent!

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