Sometimes I feel like I am one of the few original “programmers” left standing. I did not come from a computer science background. I have few credentials that are notable. I have little to recommend my opinions or ideas…other than a vast knowledge of human/computer interactions from practical personal experience. I first became interested in computers, the internet, development programming, and methodologies in the early ’70s while I was taking an accounting course. I was in one of the first core-course programs for Accounting that required a computer science course. I chose a COBOL course. The lab requirement was to create a problem which could be solved by computer. I struggled with understanding what I could do on a Wang 10-key terminal to an IBM 360 mainframe. I finally chose a very simple problem that came from another excercise in a different class I was taking.

After acheiving a passing grade, I promptly forgot everything about computers until several years later. I had left a job at the U.S. Steel’s Ohio Works in Youngstown, Ohio; shortly before U.S. Steel began to close down all operations in that region; including Accounting, IT, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing Engineering, and all opportunities for experimentation in those fields in a practice that later became known as ‘out-sourcing’ …a popular strategy of the 1%. I focused on learning and understanding music; which I found to be similar to accounting in its use of mathematics. But, of course music is more than mathematical understanding. So, I did not really find success as a musician either…(to be continued)…In the meantime I chose to become a partner in a firm doing renovative, restorative,  and inovative work in high building painting and I kept returning to the ‘Scene of the Crime’…and YES…to those who those who question whether or not I was an abusive, loud-mouthed, inebriated, imbecile when I was young and unknowledgeable about LIFE? There are always those experiences that grow with time as being meaningful…But now that I am older; and hopefully wiser…I find little comfort in the things that used to be the pleasures of existence for me. There is little that I can say about how lame media presentation of events, news, movies. and even SPORTS!? IT has become…IT is TERRIBLE!!…In this day and age I expect BETTER!!! I seldom find it except on @dpshow.com and rest of  #ignoranceofsports AND sure I watch some other shit sometimes…But I always come back to the fact, that I REALLY SHOULD BE WORKING OUT! Not sitting! 🙂 Let me know if you have an opportunity you think that I would be interested in!!! Mostly I am thinking about 99% of U.S. Citizens who hold nothing compared to the 1% who think THEY do!! Anyways I find the exercise of writing words one that I cannot deny is a favorite of mine. Putting together words with music has always been a goal…rather than rhythm put to rhyme! My son has accused me of being concerned more with being a failed Charles Bukowski than a Jack Kerouac. I assume that he means that my drunken escapades have led me into darker places than either of these two heroes of mine have seen or written about. He does not know; nor have I ever told him of the struggles that I have faced with the alcoholism and dark dreams that I find in reading Kerouac’s “On The Road”. My ‘career’; if it can be called that; has been one trying to understand how binary mathematics can be twisted around every day life. Digitization of communications has been the life blood on which I lived..but digitization has led me to the belief that the endless analysis, projection, and the bullshit of ignoring those who are not completely attuned to what I call ‘Universal Truths’ has become an anathema in current circumstances. The ignorance and disputes of truth that emerged through poor understandings of  STEVEN JOBS, BILL GATES, STEVE WOZNIAK, PAUL ALLEN, and the many who labored to achieve their goals were given free rein with the introduction of HTTP, HTML and the specifications of Tim Berners-Lee and his team at Cambridge. Thanks Tim!!! When I first understood the gracious considerations given to all of us; I was astounded. Although I was in a difficult personal depression, I found their perceptions to be useful in a world that was disturbing to me. The three most useful (to be continued..) examples I can find in digitization (is that a word?)…are:


  1. Hi Ted,

    I saw your profile on linkedin that you are looking for a position as .net developer, please give me a call or email me if you are still looking.



    Branislav (Banne) Gjorcevski
    (Brah-ni-slav Gyour-tchev-ski)
    CEO, Cutting Edge Intelligence
    CTO, Artist Intersect
    Venice, California
    Sunnyvale, California
    Skype: banne007
    C: +1 323 384 7368
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  2. UI Web Developer
    Redmond, WA,Sunnyvale, CA Southlake, TX
    Ankit Jain
    CDI Corporation
    Ph: 908.988.0327- Ext. 117

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