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Good News for my NORML friends, Willie and the Teapot Party, and the rest of us!


Political Discrapancies

I hope NOT TO OFFEND but to bring some sense out of Spanglish to English; or vice versa if you prefer! I try to bring common understanding out of gibberish. Those are languages I have some understandings of; along with German! Let me see what I can speak that makes SENSE!

Interesting times we live in!

I, being a proud United States of America citizen from births that go way back in the history of this GREAT COUNTRY; have decided to try and tell my version of our history in the most honest way I can. My earliest known relative (to me) was John Bissell Somerset England Connecticut. Try it in Google you will find About 4,560,000 results (0.47 seconds); In Bing, it nets about half that; but without telling me how long it took for Bing to collect its results.(2,560,000 results). The other side of my family was Scottish, Irish and French, with some Germans thrown into the mix in the beginnings; with a Cherokee great, great, grandmother who changed her name to avoid walking the ‘Trail of Tears'(and whose family sent her sister instead); to marry a ‘white man’ instead; is my heritage.
Along with many hours spent on Facebook, MySpace, Universal Studios, The Writers Guild of America West; and apprenticeship at United States Steel, not only having worked in and on most of the good sites that come to mind (like TED); I have decided to publish (is that too big a word?) just another blog. WTF?! ANOTHER BLOG?!!! Yes! Sorry, or not, THAT IS NOT ALL THIS IS. I intend these pages to include the poetry, art, and music of the youngest, best, and brightest among us; as well as what some might call ‘old-school lessons’!
If you are interested in what my attitudes, opinions, and understandings of OUR LIFE IN THESE TIMES; ask me, and KEEP READING. I will open ALL records as to how I came to be in the situation of finding homelessness, drunkenness, stupidness, unkindness, bad parenthood, 4 times-married, and a ‘prone to violent reactions’ existence preferable to contemporary view of some of the BULLSHIT (sorry to any of those to whom this phrase is politically incorrect!) I currently see as an accepted norm.
People speak of freedom and justice these days as they do of McDonalds…It’s ALL GOOD!…NONSENSE!!! And ever since Ray Kroc automated their milkshake machines and took over the Brothers McDonald’s name; things have been going downhill. Let me make it clear that my version of the last fifty years is NOT going to be sugar-coated for every taste.

PEACE in the desert of the Middle East!

Amazing! Jews and Arabs on the Gaza Strip cannot stop shooting rockets (or worse!) at each other…Are they both ignorant of the notion of survival of the planet?! NO REGARD for the rest of us Hindu, Christian, Scientologist, Mormon, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Evangelical South Koreans??!! LOL…Oh well, we always revert to our worst behavior when called upon to deliver the goods…THANK GOD the Iranians do not have a dog in this fight yet!! TEBOWING for THAT situation!

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