3-D Printing Should Be About Quality!

3-D printing technology is picking up steam. The inexpensiveness of the parts and materials for manufacturing will make certain equipment configurations ubiquitous applications in all areas. This technology, along with gesture-based design technology, of the form that Elon Musk has designed; can totally revolutionize the entire manufacturing process. However, the efforts that the Van Gogh Museum has put forth; truly shows the quality and artistic beauty that creations from this technology can bring. Much more work can be done and needs to be done  to bring quality to productions with this technology!

UI Portfolio

Good News for my NORML friends, Willie and the Teapot Party, and the rest of us!

Interesting new approaches take ‘Old School’ strategies to <3

Some of the best CMS I have seen presented recently are those from the display of WebMatrix’s templates. Check them out here {dependency (abstraction layers are all ‘the rage’ in IT). Shit! What I want to see is something that means something to all the down-trodden, saddened, people that are addicts to the B.S, that the new media/government takes notice of. Like the movement towards Islamic laws being not a particularly well-liked attitude of the Islamic States.

The conspiracy of Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese to bring the ‘gun culture’ of United States Citizens to unite in the opposition to violence in political terms is not forgivable.

I agree with the Dalai Lama on this one http://www.dalailama.com/ 

I think unfortunately, that Daniel Ellsberg is right. He was right about the Vietnam War! Why shouldn’t I believe him now?!! http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/ellsberg-obama-police-state/2013/08/22/id/521757?s=al&promo_code=149ED-1 

Global Family!

When is it we learn that maps of the world are only our ideas of how conquering our galaxy is just a SMALL part of the universes we live in! Read, Learn, Be Intelligent!

NO EDITS!! JUST TRUTH!? Are u a MOR0N? Or just Forrest Gump on a BAD DAY?

We used to read!!!! Listen, TRY to understand, and be attentive to words and graces as we heard in the band. mixed with music and poetry on this planet; it may be the only saving grace we have left. Ask? I will do by best to explain inspiring dances with the best! IMHO… 🙂

Please post in Punjabi…

In recent pain from the loss of people who cared, and I cared about; I find it necessary to learn as much Punjabi as is appropriate to my age, experience, and knowledge. Please reply in kind.

Political Discrapancies

I hope NOT TO OFFEND but to bring some sense out of Spanglish to English; or vice versa if you prefer! I try to bring common understanding out of gibberish. Those are languages I have some understandings of; along with German! Let me see what I can speak that makes SENSE!

Terrorism of media personalities

Terrorism of media personalities

Is this Trayvon Martin? I don’t think so; why does George Zimmerman think that it might be another thug in his neighborhood?!

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