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3-D Printing Should Be About Quality!

3-D printing technology is picking up steam. The inexpensiveness of the parts and materials for manufacturing will make certain equipment configurations ubiquitous applications in all areas. This technology, along with gesture-based design technology, of the form that Elon Musk has designed; can totally revolutionize the entire manufacturing process. However, the efforts that the Van Gogh Museum has put forth; truly shows the quality and artistic beauty that creations from this technology can bring. Much more work can be done and needs to be done  to bring quality to productions with this technology!


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Happy Holidays!! Happy Chunnakah! Winter Solstice! Whatever…

to all cancer survivors! blessings to a new life!! do not fall prey to: distortions of helping,
part cherokee for all those who need help in English. the tried and true notion is always the best!
and the only BEST guess is somwhat asynchronous communication LOL

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