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An Update!

Please don’t be concerned! there is nothing malicious in this code! just an image update!


Please vote this year for Peace!


Vote for Peace!

An Open Letter to Barack Obama and Eric Holder

This is addressed to you: …Your response was shameful!// šŸ˜¦ …If you would like to know why I say that? tweet me…:) u need an eyewitness to white house involvement and where to look for it? tweet me for that too! :)) I have been a supporter of DemocratsĀ  and re-educated republicans for a long time! GET SMARTER, GET BETTER, GET GOOD!!! …or get gone…jerk-offs. If you do not understand? PLEaSE READ CAREFULLY!! IF YOU Want to GET ELECTED!! BE GOOD GUYS! NOT irresponsible Children!!! *ssholes..unelected sorts…always rely on saying ‘it wasn’t us’ !!!!


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