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Ted Bissell CV Word Format

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Download the latest revision of my full resume in CV format


Download the latest revision of my resume in marketing format

Ted Bissell

See the  most revision of my resume here:

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3-D Printing Should Be About Quality!

3-D printing technology is picking up steam. The inexpensiveness of the parts and materials for manufacturing will make certain equipment configurations ubiquitous applications in all areas. This technology, along with gesture-based design technology, of the form that Elon Musk has designed; can totally revolutionize the entire manufacturing process. However, the efforts that the Van Gogh Museum has put forth; truly shows the quality and artistic beauty that creations from this technology can bring. Much more work can be done and needs to be done  to bring quality to productions with this technology!

Let us stop all this communication…and have a conversation…:)

Digitization of communications has led to the muddling and unclarity of language used for description. I suppose this was evolution in action; but I don’t think so. Let’s take a poll! LOL…There are far fewer conversations taking place these days.

Finally! An Internet Security Company with the right ideas!

Try this link in your browser…

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