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Anonymous and LulzSec Misunderstandings

Anonymous and the rest of the hacker criminals who associate with it are deluded if they think that attacks on corporate America and U.S. Government sites are beneficial!! If they were good at what they pretend to do they would break companies like SonicWall; that produce the technology that underlies the blocking of IP addresses that both governments and corporations are using to discourage the dissemination of accurate true information for the people!


Personal Privacy on the Internet?!!! None…

If you support the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America…or the Fourth; you must be aware that the internet represents neither. The idea of privacy on a network designed to be transparent from the ‘get-go’ is an anathema to congressional lawmakers, corporate/military, and other special interest groups.
It amazes me that anyone thinks that there is such a thing as ‘privacy’ in today’s world!

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