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MIDI Development and Internet Presentation

There are a number of new technology advancements in the internet for presentation. We have many choices now for video and audio presentations. The fact remains that all of these are hampered by inadequate implementation. Video presentation has accomplished much in the digitization of its formats.
The ideas that were considered to be the most useful in terms of resolution, color, tones, white space, and time-line; have been easily adopted in the cd/dvd/film/tv/internet world. Music has been more of a mystery with its failure to adapt to changing perspectives on the internet. The ever-growing complexities of programming, website development, software, support, and understanding have diminished good music presentation to a role of adding to the noise that surrounds us in the background. Very little consideration has been given to CDN abilities to provide a good experience of sound. Digitization through MIDI provided the means to easily disseminate, share, collaborate and make public. But it failed to address quality, truth, and resonance. It remains only an example, perhaps the only example, of a great development process in the last half of the century before this one.
I will grant there have been others; with the introduction of new technologies to the internet. HTML, HTTP and the development of the myriad of technologies that succeeded on Tim Berners-Lee’s efforts and Roy Fielding’s dissertation in 1998 are two that come to mind. The same approach was used at Bell Labs in the late ’60’s and early ’70’s; and certainly used by Steven Jobs at Apple. Contrary to popular opinion; I believe that Bill Gates used a similar approach to Microsoft and Paul Allen. Perhaps it is time to adopt such an approach again.
Cheers to all…Just an opinion.

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