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Please vote this year for Peace!


Vote for Peace!


An Open Letter to Barack Obama and Eric Holder

This is addressed to you: …Your response was shameful!// šŸ˜¦ …If you would like to know why I say that? tweet me…:) u need an eyewitness to white house involvement and where to look for it? tweet me for that too! :)) I have been a supporter of DemocratsĀ  and re-educated republicans for a long time! GET SMARTER, GET BETTER, GET GOOD!!! …or get gone…jerk-offs. If you do not understand? PLEaSE READ CAREFULLY!! IF YOU Want to GET ELECTED!! BE GOOD GUYS! NOT irresponsible Children!!! *ssholes..unelected sorts…always rely on saying ‘it wasn’t us’ !!!!


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